Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bridal Shower Favors

So my 3rd grader’s teacher got engaged at the beginning of the school year and is getting married in late June.  As the end of the school year approached, a few of us moms thought it would be fun to do a little class party/bridal shower for her.  There were so many fun things about this but here are some highlights:
One of my favorite details of the party, of course, was the little favor boxes I made from the purse die and the matchbox die.  These were for the kids (I know that 3rd graders can not fully appreciate the effort that went into these, but I know the teacher did :).  Seriously, did these not turn out to be the cutest things ever!!
Here’s the kids all lined up in the hallway to surprise her.  We gave the boys top hats and bow ties and the girls wore flower halos and white gloves.  Once we yelled surprise, we put a veil on her and she walked down the “aisle”
We invited her fiancé to be in on the surprise:
Look at the little girls’ faces in the background while they hugged.  One of them squealed and said, “This is the best day of my life!”
We had some food and treats for everybody:

We played a funny game of Mad Libs using the story of how they met, and then read it aloud to them using all the verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc. the kids suggested.  It made for a very interesting story!
Then we played a wedding version of “cranium” that I made up, including how to spell kiss backwards, charades for “first dance”, and pictionary for “honeymoon”. 
The parents all contributed towards a group gift—which was a bunch of fun camping stuff from REI and some outdoor games.
Then we presented them with an album we had put together with pages from each student with thoughts about weddings and marriage, as well as a drawing of the bride on her wedding day.  The questions included, “what happens at a wedding”, and “how do you get someone to fall in love with you?”  The answers were hilarious—and captured the personalities of the kids in a way she’ll never forget!
The kids and the wedding couple had a great time!
Of course, I am working on some pages to add to the album for her with photos from the party.  I’ll probably post some of those in the next few days.
All photos were taken by the amazingly talented Amber Allen of Echo by Amber, who happens to be their wedding photographer and one of my bff’s.  Oh, and her son is in the class too.  : )Convenient, I know! 
The party was a collaborative effort of 5 or 6 moms that all did so much to make it fun for the kids and the wedding couple!  I am lucky to be part of a great school community!
Thanks for letting me share this fractionally crafty post!